We are located in Mesa AZ. Specializing in all IT services to help keep your technology running 100%! We have over 15+ years of experience fixing technology, including Windows, Apple, Android, IOS, networking and much more.

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Virus and Malware Cleanup

We know how Important your data and computer Is to you or your business. We can provide your business with a security risk assessment to see what open holes you would need closed to prevent hackers from taking over. We make sure to keep your computer free of virus and malware by providing the top of the line software to manage and protect your computer. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN HACKED AND WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE IS CLEANED AND CLEAR OF HACKERS PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP! We can provide this service remotely or in person. Let us doctor your computer!

Hardware and Software Support

Technology is known to sometimes have hardware or software Issues. Some of the main things we are seeing is computers going really slow or freezing. We can diagnose your computer for a small fee, which is waved if you decide to go through with the repair. If you are having software issues, we can usually solve it within 30 mins! Our Tech doctors are highly professional and smart!


We Provide a wide range of networking services to help you stay connected 24/7. We can evaluate your network and give you our professional recommendation. We setup both home and office networks. We also provide managed network services as well (on selected routers) to keep you secured and up to date on all the latest firmware.

Printer Support

Are you having issues with your printer? We support all printers. If you are having problems with your printer not printing or just simply need it setup for you, we can be your printer doctor!

Email Support and Setup

Email Management and Support

We know how frustrating your email can sometime be! If you are looking to migrate over from one email provider to a new one, we can help with that. If you are having issues accessing your emails or your email is not loading in your email app, we can help resolve those issues! If you run a business and want someone to manage all of your employees emails we can be your email doctors! We can help with both residential and commercial. 

Phone & Tablet Repair and Support

We know how important your phone or tablet is to you! We repair all phones and tablets. Most phones we can repair at your location. We also offer battery replacements at a reasonable price!  With over 15 years of experience we know how to keep your device looking and working just like new!

Check out our Managed IT Support services! We strive to be proactive to your computer issues instead of reactive. We offer a bundle of services to help keep your computer running smoothly and free of viruses and hackers. Our software scans your computer 24/7 for hardware and operating system issues and much more for an affordable price!


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